Sanskrit Tattoos: Some Strong Reasons for Their Popularity

Tattoos are diagrammatic images made on various parts of the body that replicate some ornaments. Tattoos are used by people to beautify their bodies in addition to telling something about themselves or about something they appreciate in life. There are so many people around in almost all the countries who take delight in adorning their bodies with tattoo designs. The themes, methods and body parts where tattoos are made differ from country to country. While there are strange tattoo lovers who make huge impressions on their bodies, there are a number of people who go for tattoo designs in their arms and highly visible body parts in various sizes.

The reasons why people wear tattoos and what they would like to convey through tattoos differs between people. However, one of the most obvious reasons for going for tattoos could be to strike a difference from other people in terms of appearance or make a difference from other people in what they want to convey through tattoos. In either way, the more unique the tattoo is, the more will be the effect achieved through it. Sanskrit tattoos are very popular among people of almost all countries for quite sometime. However, the recent times have seen a great surge in the popularity of Sanskrit tattoos. There are several great reasons why people and celebrities around the globe go for Sanskrit tattoos.

Sanskrit is one of the classical languages adored with a high esteem. Sanskrit has been greatly associated with the religious and spiritual tradition of Hinduism. Sanskrit is the language used to write the Vedas or the holy chants. Hindu tradition has been using Sanskrit as a tool to communicate with the gods. Therefore, Sanskrit has always possessed some magical charm and is believed to have some unbelievable powers. Most lovers of Sanskrit tattoos feel they enhance the luck of a person besides getting them the blessings of the universal powers from above.

Sanskrit letters make a perfect choice for tattoo designs in terms of their elegant and beautiful appearance. Sanskrit letters are highly artistic and can replicate ornaments through their layout. Some of the most popular themes for sanskrit tattoos are holy chants, words with spiritual meanings and some symbols of Hindu religion. While many celebrities have attested the magical powers and charm of Sanskrit tattoos by adorning their bodies with them, you can certainly give a try for yourself and see the difference it makes in your life.

Why Sanskrit is the Right Language to Get a Tattoo

Sanskrit language is popularly known as "The Mother of all languages". It is a classical language of India, and a liturgical language of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. But in the contemporary world it is used mostly as a ceremonial language in the form of mantras and hymns in the Hindu religious rituals. The Sanskrit literature mainly encompasses a rich tradition of literature and poetry, as well as religious, scientific, philosophical and technical text. The art of making a design on the skin by pricking and staining is known as tattoo. Among the oldest languages, Sanskrit is widely used in tattoos mainly due to the notional vagaries of modern fashion; it is refined and has a blocky look. Sanskrit tattoo also faces stiff competition in tattoo with Japanese and Chinese words. Sanskrit language is written with curves joined by distinctive horizontal line at the top of the letters that links them together.

Tribal design tattoos can be well designed with Sanskrit words. The tribal tattoos cover an astonishing layout of tattoo design possibilities, from the ancient traditional tattoos of indigenous and aboriginal cultures. The Sanskrit tattoo darkly inked is becoming widely acceptable and popular among all religious people. The Sanskrit symbol "Om" the mystical syllable comprising the universe is the most popular tattoo image, followed by verses from ancient Hindu literature and scriptures. Ancient Sanskrit poets created complex and meaningful poems with very few words. The ideas of the poems are well brought out within a few lines. Those who are interested in literature can go for Sanskrit poetic tattoos. Sanskrit tattoo designs with quoting one or two of the stanzas from the Hindu epic like Mahabharata, Ramayana or Bhagavad Gita look very attractive. If one can understand the in-depth meanings of the tattoo then it will inspire to overcome all hurdles and bring success in life. The support provided by the Sanskrit translation agencies and their Sanskrit translators has made this language much popular all over the world.

The celebrities are mostly attracted towards Sanskrit tattoo; this in turn created a good market for tattoo artists who are well versed in Sanskrit language. The youth worldwide are much attracted to this ancient language because of its usage in tattoos by their celebrities. Foreigners also hire the Sanskrit translator from Sanskrit translation service providers in order to design their native language ideas and symbols in Sanskrit tattoo. According to a recent research study on Sanskrit tattoo, indicated the popularity of Sanskrit tattoo and Sanskrit translation mainly due to the antiquity of the language, for protective charm and achieving success, beauty and elegance of Sanskrit alphabet, frequent appearance on Hollywood and other celebrities, in-depth meaning behind the letters/words tattooed etc. Even though the symbols used in the tattoo varies in different places and cultures. The usage of Sanskrit tattoo has created a worldwide market for the tattoo artist. In this way Sanskrit, the ancient language marks its presence in the form of tattoos in the contemporary world. It also gives ample scope for Sanskrit translation too.

Sanskrit Tattoo Designs - Have You Ever Wondered What You Would Look Like With a Sanskrit Tattoo?

Sanskrit tattoo designs are more and more popular in this decade's pop culture. We are seeing more celebrities sporting Sanskrit tattoos somewhere on their bodies. With all this new found popularity, many tattoo shops have now added tattoo images based on the Sanskrit language to their portfolios. Have you ever wondered what you would look like with one of these beautiful and elegant tattoos?

So, what are the most popular tattoo designs right now? If you drop in to visit your local tattoo artist, he will probably tell you Sanskrit tattoo designs and dreamcatcher tattoo designs as well as the old classics like tribal tattoos and celtic cross tattoos. Successful tattoo shops always listen to what their customers want, and what their customers want nowadays are Sanskrit tattoos. Tattoo shops give three reasons why the public wants tattoos in Sanskrit.

Dead Language

Sanskrit is dead in the sense that the public no longer uses it for normal daily conversation. A living language changes and evolves over time. In the past 100 years, how many English words no longer have the same meaning or have become extinct?

In a dead language, the meanings of words remain the same, whether it is today or 100 years from now. Hence using Sanskrit for tattoo designs is perfect - today, tomorrow, 10 years in the future - what you inked on your skin will mean the same thing. This is the same reason biologists use Latin for scientific names of living things.

Easily Recognized

Sanskrit tattoo designs are very recognizable. When you pass a tattoo shop, your eyes will easily pick it out from the hundreds of different designs on display. For this eye catching reason, Sanskrit script and images are easily kept in memory. Tattoo designs in Sanskrit often feature either the Om symbol or some form of the lotus flower.

Om represents the universe. In Hinduism and Buddhism, it is very popular as part of a meditation chant.

The lotus flower symbolizes purity of the heart, mind and soul. Among the superstitious, it is also believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the owner.

A Timeless Design

When you look at different designs in Sanskrit, you will find many elements in common. This is because many Sanskrit designs include some common themes. Sanskrit characters have a horizontal line on top which joins them together while the bottom is elegantly curved. A well executed tattoo in Sanskrit is a feast for your eyes. Many people get these tattoos around their wrists, neck or arms.

For all these reasons, Sanskrit tattoo designs became popular and will remain popular for a long time to come. As time passes, tattoo artists will undoubtedly come up with even more creative and elaborate designs. If you have ever wondered how you would look like with a Sanskrit tattoo, why not try out a temporary tattoo?

Three Significant Reasons Why Sanskrit Tattoo Designs Are Appealing

Sanskrit tattoo designs are the number one fashion accessory within pop culture.Top celebrities without fail seem to sport a Sanskrit Tattoo design in preference to any other picture or symbol tattoo. Due to this fact tattoo shops now sport many tattoo designs based on the Sanskrit language and beliefs.

Pop into any tattoo shop and ask which designs are available and without fail Sanskrit Tattoo designs, dreamcatcher tattoo designs and others will be amongst the first mentioned. As we all know any good business will always reflect and try to offer what its customers want, that after all is the every essence of good business. So what are the three main reasons that Sanskrit Tattoo designs are appealing to the public?

Sanskrit is a dead Language

As a dead language is one that is no longer used by people and is therefore unlikely to change or modify then the advantage this gives to anyone wanting a tattoo is plain to see. After all who wants a tattoo whose very meaning can change in five years time?

If you think of Latin it is used for scientific names for similar reasons.

Easily Remembered Tattoos

If you ever walk past a tattoo shop Sanskrit Tattoo designs are perhaps the easiest to recognize , amongst the many thousands of different designs.This factor alone means that Tattoo designs languages and symbols can easily be retained in memory.Tattoo designs include the Om symbol and the lotus flower made famous and intricately linked with Hinduism and Buddhism.

The Sanskrit Om is said to represent the entire universe.It also is the embodiment of the source of life which is according to Hindu and Buddhist beliefs air. The lotus flower by comparison symbolizes purity of the heart, mind and soul. It is also believed to provide good luck and prosperity. Due to the ease of remembering added to the spiritual meaning of the tattoos their popularity is only likely to improve.

Unchanging Design

Different Sanskrit tattoo designs will always have small differences compared to each other.This is because Sanskrit tattoos include the most basic of designs.

Apart from the fact that Sanskrit is a dead language the characters are formed with a horizontal line joining them together.This makes the Sanskrit design beautiful to look at. Wrists, necks and arms tend to lend themselves as the perfect place to have Sanskrit tattoos applied.

Whilst the designs are practically unchanged over a period of many years, it does not affect the patronage of the public.This is because it now has an iconic status in design terms.The lotus flower with the Om symbol design is the most popular among the Sanskrit tattoo designs.