Three Significant Reasons Why Sanskrit Tattoo Designs Are Appealing

Sanskrit tattoo designs are the number one fashion accessory within pop culture.Top celebrities without fail seem to sport a Sanskrit Tattoo design in preference to any other picture or symbol tattoo. Due to this fact tattoo shops now sport many tattoo designs based on the Sanskrit language and beliefs.

Pop into any tattoo shop and ask which designs are available and without fail Sanskrit Tattoo designs, dreamcatcher tattoo designs and others will be amongst the first mentioned. As we all know any good business will always reflect and try to offer what its customers want, that after all is the every essence of good business. So what are the three main reasons that Sanskrit Tattoo designs are appealing to the public?

Sanskrit is a dead Language

As a dead language is one that is no longer used by people and is therefore unlikely to change or modify then the advantage this gives to anyone wanting a tattoo is plain to see. After all who wants a tattoo whose very meaning can change in five years time?

If you think of Latin it is used for scientific names for similar reasons.

Easily Remembered Tattoos

If you ever walk past a tattoo shop Sanskrit Tattoo designs are perhaps the easiest to recognize , amongst the many thousands of different designs.This factor alone means that Tattoo designs languages and symbols can easily be retained in memory.Tattoo designs include the Om symbol and the lotus flower made famous and intricately linked with Hinduism and Buddhism.

The Sanskrit Om is said to represent the entire universe.It also is the embodiment of the source of life which is according to Hindu and Buddhist beliefs air. The lotus flower by comparison symbolizes purity of the heart, mind and soul. It is also believed to provide good luck and prosperity. Due to the ease of remembering added to the spiritual meaning of the tattoos their popularity is only likely to improve.

Unchanging Design

Different Sanskrit tattoo designs will always have small differences compared to each other.This is because Sanskrit tattoos include the most basic of designs.

Apart from the fact that Sanskrit is a dead language the characters are formed with a horizontal line joining them together.This makes the Sanskrit design beautiful to look at. Wrists, necks and arms tend to lend themselves as the perfect place to have Sanskrit tattoos applied.

Whilst the designs are practically unchanged over a period of many years, it does not affect the patronage of the public.This is because it now has an iconic status in design terms.The lotus flower with the Om symbol design is the most popular among the Sanskrit tattoo designs.